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Individual counselling

Counselling is your opportunity to talk to a professional who can help you to make sense of what is going on in your life. In counselling I will explore with you any fears and anxieties, losses, patterns of behaviour, communication difficulties, relationship problems, childhood hurts or experiences and any other areas that may be getting in the way of you living fully.

I see each person or couple as being distressed in some way by the loss or potential loss of something very important to them – this may be the loss of hope, of self, of a relationship, of another person, health, way of life or the death of someone close to them. I use different approaches depending on what I sense will work best with you.

​The theories I have integrated into my way of working include Client Centred, Cognitive-Behavioural, Attachment and Imago Couples Therapy.

Types of issues

I am experienced in working with clients on a wide range of issues, including:

✓ Anger management
✓ Anxiety & Fear
✓ Being a perfectionist
✓ Being assertive

✓ Bereavement, grief, loss
✓ Burnout
✓ Self confidence
✓ Depression

✓ Feeling lonely
✓ Hyperventilation
✓ Insecurity
✓ Jealousy

✓ Low self esteem
✓ Panic attack
✓ Performance anxiety
✓ Relationship issues

✓ Sleep problems
✓ Social phobia
✓ Stress
✓ Worrying too much

Could you use some extra support in your life?

Feel free to send me a message. You can raise any questions you have, and tell me a little about your situation.

Virginia Ashcroft
Registered with NZAC

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