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My name is Virginia Ashcroft. I am a Certified Imago Therapist and I am a member of The New Zealand Association of Counsellors (NZAC). In my practice Relationship Counselling Wellington I offer couples counselling and individual counselling.

When we fall in love it can be an amazing experience, and we usually think it will last forever. The world seems a wonderful place, we feel fully alive and connected with our partner and excited and hopeful about the future.

All too soon these wonderful feelings disappear, and we end up disappointed, frustrated and in conflict. We no longer feel loved and safe. Frustration and conflict can sap our energy, and we can find ourselves unable to communicate.

In Imago couples counselling I will help you and your partner to make sense of your experience. In the midst of your struggles your relationship can grow. I will provide tools to enable you to move from conflict and disconnection back into understanding and connection. The issues you come with will be addressed using structured dialogue.

Types of relationship issues

I am experienced in working with both individuals and couples on a wide range of issues, including:


Adultery, affair, infidelity

It is clear that there is (or has been) somebody else. It has triggered a lot of emotions.


Communication problems

One common problem in relationships is (mis)communication.

Cultural differences

Cultural differences

Cultural differences can bring an extra, complicating factor in forming a relationship. It is of great importance that both partners have the willingness to stay in connection.

Intimacy issues

Intimacy issues

In a love relationship intimacy is also connected to sexuality. The amount of intimacy is often connected with the individual needs of the partners. And this is exactly the point where tension can arise.

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Other relationship issues

✓ Addicted to love
✓ Autonomy in relationship
✓ Cheating
✓ Commitment phobia

✓ Family problems
✓ Fear of abandonment
✓ Insecure in relationship
✓ Jealousy

✓ Midlife crisis
✓ Relationship anxiety
✓ Relationship fights

A process of dialogue between you

I acknowledge and affirm the differences between the two people in the room. My role is to facilitate a very clear process of dialogue between you. Couples have an immediate experience of being listened to.

There is a focus on affirmation and thanks. Each of you has the opportunity to fully express your concerns, feelings and what you would like to be different without being interrupted.

There is a very clear process in the form of a dialogue when each person knows what is going to happen next. This is transferable to outside the counselling room. Some couples achieve what they want within five or six sessions. Others take longer.

Could you use some extra support in your life?

Feel free to send me a message. You can raise any questions you have, and tell me a little about your situation.

Virginia Ashcroft
Registered with NZAC

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